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The playful aspect in Tjalling Visser's work is emphasized by the materials he uses for his sculptures and installations. These are often made from toy parts and collections of different materials, in every conceivable color and shape. These parts are combined with building material or material remains to carefully balanced works. The toy is essentially a relic from childhood, which has lost its once cherished value. Yet it is precisely these objects from the past that are able to move the artist and the spectator.



Tjalling Visser (Utrecht, 1980) explores the phenomenon of ‘playing’ as an intrinsic part of his art and artistry. His sculptures and installations, mostly built from battered toy parts, are characterized by the temporariness of their existence. Over time, complete sculptures may be expanded to become installations, only to be dismantled again to create separate elements that can then be re-used in new sculptures. In this working process, Visser disconnects his materials from their original context and the materials themselves become decisive for the way they are used. The playful spontaneity in this process, is also indicative of the way the artist wants the viewer to approach and interpret his work. By using recognizable elements that immediately trigger associations and memories, he invites the viewer to become part of the work and play along. Looking carefully at Visser’s work, it becomes clear that it doesn’t suffice to speak of an ‘element of play’ or playfulness in his work: playing is key to his artistic process. 


2021 Dordt Verbeeldt, SBK, Dordrecht

2020 I♥Dordt, group exhibition, Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht, NL

2020 Zomersymfonie Park Merwestein, Dordrecht, NL (postponed)

2020 Stad in beeld, beeld in park, Dordrecht, NL (postponed)

2019 Salon d'Hiver, ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Project “Inclusion, hype or hope?”, Pictura, Dordrecht, NL

2019 Open Atelierroute Dordrecht 2019, Dordrecht, NL

2018 'Playing Fields', group exhibition, ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2018 BeWarehouse of Art, group exhibition, Bergen, NL

2017 Salon d'Hiver, ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2017 PAN Amsterdam, ZERP Galerie, Amsterdam, NL

2017 Kunstmoment Diepenheim, solo exhibition, Diepenheim, NL

2016 Eldorado 3000 'Neck of the Woods', group exhibition, Rotterdam, NL

2016 'Happily Ever After', ZERP Galerie, group exhibition, Rotterdam, NL

2015 'Behind the Painted Smile', ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2014 Eldorado 3000 'A promise of a future', Rotterdam, NL

2014 'Sharp / Square / Sacred', ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2014 AM de Jongmuseum, solo exhibition, Nieuw-Vossemeer, NL

2013 Salon ZERP, group exhibition, ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2013 'Symbiosis', group exhibition, ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2012 Art at RedLight, Nieuwe Kerk, group exhibition, Amsterdam, NL

2012 Kunst Rai, group exhibition, Amsterdam, NL

2012 Slick Brussels, group exhibition, Brussels, BE

2011 Holy Magic, solo exhibition, ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2011 Villa Arson, Artist in Residence, Nice, FR

2010 Frieze Art Fair, performance, London, GB

2010 Le Printemps de Septembre, performance, Toulouse, FR

2010 Van Abbe Museum, performance, Eindhoven, NL

2009 Sequences, performance, Reykjavik, IS

2009 Fotomuseum, installation, group exhibition, Rotterdam, NL

2009 St. Wei, installation, group exhibition, Eindhoven, NL

2008 St. MP3, installation, Groningen, NL

2008 Balen Festival, installation, Enschede, NL

2007 Pakt, installation, group exhibition, Amsterdam, NL

2007 RONMANDOS, exhibition with Roderick Hietbrink, Rotterdam, NL

2006 Gallery Pool 120, solo exhibition, Rotterdam, NL

2006 Chiellerie Gallery, group exhibition, Amsterdam, NL

2006 De Bewaerschole, exhibition with Erik Sep, Burghaamstede, NL

2005 Group exhibition, CBK Dordrecht, NL
2005 Group exhibition, CBK Rotterdam, NL
2004 Installation, i.c.w. Erik Sep, I.V.Z.W., Dordrecht, NL
2003 Nomination Maaskant Prijs, Rotterdam, NL
2003 Installation i.c.w. Erik Sep, St. Sign, Groningen, NL
2002 Installation, Club Las Palmas, Rotterdam, NL
2002 Publieksprijs, (i.c.w. Erik Sep) Shell Young Art Awards, Rotterdam, NL
2002 Artist in Residence, Galerie ROOM, Montescalioso, IT
2002 Group exhibition, CBK Dordrecht, NL
2001 Installation, TENT (Zap Nation), Rotterdam, NL
2001 Installation, Galerie Morgen, Rotterdam, NL


2003 Nomination Maaskant Prijs, Rotterdam, NL
2002 Audience Award – (i.c.w. Erik Sep) Shell Young Art Awards, Rotterdam, NL
2002 Nomination Drempelprijs, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, NL


Tjalling Visser

4 April 1980




1998 – 2002 Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, NL



Thank you for your interest. Contact us for questions or studio visits.

Tjalling Visser

Nieuwstraat 12-24

3311 XR Dordrecht

The Netherlands


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